Saturday, November 14, 2009

Karmic Body Healing

You can create both good and bad karma. Karma is created by the cause and effect:

· Of our actions

· Actions done under our influence or instructions through another person or creature

· Our words

· Our thoughts (whether good or bad)

· Karma is created by inaction too! If you do not do what is morally correct or avoid doing something you know in your heart is right, then you create karmic a condition,

The karmic body is a non-physical component of your spirit that attaches to your soul energy at birth. The interacting flow of energy with your karmic body has the greatest influence in your current life. Your karmic body has imprints of all your soul’s recorded information of your rights and wrongs. The karmic body is the gas in your tank of life; it comes with special additives and ingestive components from other lifetimes. It is karma energy that connects us to family, friends, love connections and experiences within the life we live today. The karmic body influences your genetic make-up, interfaces with your thoughts, emotions, and additionally infiltrates all your heart, inter-dimensional connections aligning with your higher self.

The karmic body is a “very” dense energetic non-physical body aligned with the spine. Out from the karmic body extends non-physical webbing that interconnects and flows out energy information into the spinal area. This spinal area contains the 7 major chakras, the kundalini channel, channel of shakti power, the meridians, the nadis, the nerve centers controlling our bodies, and the bio-magnetics of your physicality. Our interconnection to our physical body, the world, and other people is constantly flowing out from and into our web-roots linking to our karmic body.

Our first cause to create karma was when we individualized ourselves as being separated from the Creator. A “belief veil” came over our soul in that realization. We listened to the metaphoric lie. A similar lie of the serpent could be compared to the belief in the origin story of Adam and Eve eating from the tree of knowledge. The truth is there is no division between us and (God) all of creation; this is proven with the Divine and Vital web* connections. However, there is a responsibility to be accountable for our belief in lies and disobedience that happens with negative thinking (fears of being powerless, jealously, hate, ect.).

Our karmic body carries forth a mirror blueprint into your Earthly life, infecting the physical body with genetic DNA problems and karmic influence from past-lives. Karma can be both good and bad, or positive and negative energies. Most often, we have a mixture of love and conflict with the person who we marry or family connections such as a mother or father, or brother/sister. Edgar Cayce’ trance readings (the most famous documented psychic of the 20th century) dealing with love/family relationships almost always indicates a need to “work together” to work through karma ( Often we find modes to escape dealing with the karmic issues, avoiding dealing with our karma; of which extends our time (additional future incarnation lives) to learn to work “together” and deal with commitments we have agreed to.

Our karmic body holds energetic “issues” (such as fear, abandonment, loss, or not feeling good enough). Karmic webbing sprouts out from the karmic body as structural roots that grow outward from conditioning, imprinted with experiences and belief systems. Karmic webbing happens as natural as trees will grow roots. The webbing will interface with your mental and emotional bodies until you trim back the roots to stop growth of your “karmic tree”.

From life trauma experiences due to survival, control, mental or emotional states there are strongly held energetic areas to “knot or tie in” the issue. Repeated experiences of the same issues become knotted, the energetics flips around to tie up, forming “karmic knots*”. Almost everyone has karmic knots that form in the lower chakras area; although rare, karma knots can also form in your higher chakras.

Life time after lifetime a stuck issue can become even a stronger. This creates denser structures around the karmic knot to form a living center becoming an energetic being supporting that issue. Vortex Healing calls these energetic beings, gremmies*. This energic being takes on a life of it’s own to feed off your energetic system. It repeatedly pulls you back to the drama again and again to support the issue that created them. It is difficult to get free and heal the issue, until this energetic being and karmic webbing is removed. Issue-Gremmies have density of negativity that would appear to a psychic as a black hole. The issue-gremmie has tremendous influence on the human personality because of emotional history and your stuck position. Issue-Gremmies can be removed by any trained Vortex Healer. However, this type of clearing may allow for other hidden issues to rise up to your consciousness that were once hidden by the Issue-Gremmie. Almost everyone has many issues from lifetimes of karmic issues; however, not all issues turn into Issue-Gremmies.

Omega** level of Karmic Body Vortex Energy can easily remove an “Issue-Gremmie”, the NEGATIVE repeating pattern that constantly haunts you with karmic replays. Karmic Body Vortex Energy Healing can remove the karmic webbing and the karmic knots that hold you in a “stuck position”. This healing of the karmic body will not relieve you of karmic debts. However, healing work from Karmic Body Vortex Energy is one the greatest of spiritual gifts, as it clears out your karmic body in this lifetime! This allows for more unrestricted energetic flow into your physical organs and out into the world. It helps remove the “stuck” energy, permitting you to reach greater heights within this lifetime that could not happen otherwise.

It is a misunderstanding to think you only have one physical lifetime. Whenever core essence, our soul/spirit is not bound by one physical body in fourth dimensional time. In fact, the soul/spirit is timeless and all time is one. The Divine plan is for each one of us to learn and release the negative or evil energies that disconnect us from God. Upon your physical death, both your pure soul/spirit state and the karmic body separate from your physical body. The karmic body returns to update your Book of Life also called the Akashic records. Your Book of Life or Akashic Records are stored in a type of Divine Library. The pure soul/spirit state does not carry karmic body with it between physical lifetimes; instead, it visits this place in the Divine Library to review your Book of Life or Akashic records to study and learn from your past mistakes and to make proper decisions for your next incarnation life in physical body.

Your karmic body with all its previous karmic knots and issue-gremmies are reinstalled with your new baby body when you reincarnate. Before the pattern of reincarnation is broken your karmic body must be cleansed free of all issues, knots and conditioning structures. The great gift of the karmic body healer is to help you release karmic knots, karmic webbing (roots), and issue-gremmies that help to “free up” your energetic currents of this lifetime and future lifetimes.

The karmic body is complex; there are conditionings and imprintings that affect the karmic body, which interacts with both your physical and non-physical bodies. Conditioning and imprinting is created in varied ways, such as genetic imprint or childhood conditioning. Karmic body conditioning and imprinting will be discussed at a later time.

Please contact me if you wish further information or would like a Karmic Body Healing session at (408) 425-5405 or by email at (

*Vital & Divine Web, Karmic Knots, Gremmies,- as defined and termed by Rick Weinman,

**Omega- is an advanced level of Vortex Healing training that normally takes about 2 to 3 years to complete.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vortex Creation! - Divine or Divine Grace Energy Vortex Funnels

By Rev. Patricia Anglin, Vortex Earthwork Healer and Divine Energy Healer

Divine or Divine Grace Energy Funnels are created from a place within the inter-dimensional heart, pulling from the creative void through the breath of life. They are created by pumping Divine light energy with one’s expanded shakti of one’s energic spine through intention. They come through into presence with a bursting of one’s heart in surrender to the Divine. It’s similar to giving birth within the heart chakra, it’s painful during the birthing process, but once the Divine or Grace energy funnel is born the beautiful energic feeling of love, newness, and holiness is released. All Vortex Energy funnels must be created in person at the location for which it is intended.

What are Divine or Grace Funnels?

These are energic vortices that are permanently attached to a specific place. You don’t need to go to Sedona or Stonehenge (which are special earth vortexes enhanced by past shamanistic work, although many still consider them “natural” vortexes), to have energic movement around you.

These are funnels of energy to bring in Divine Essence. You can’t actually see them with physical vision, but you can “feel” them. They would look similar to a tornado, with larger cone at the top sucking into a swirling point at the bottom.
They bring in the essence of holiness and creative force.

How do they work for you?

Having energy vortex funnels are great to enhance your spiritual work, especially with mediation or home alters. They bring in an essence of holiness and inspiration. They also are great around your work place to energize your creativeness. They can create a balance to your life with work and home-life. You can have energy vortex funnels directed to specific areas of your body to enhance energy flow.

Divine Funnels bring in divine presence and energy that creates an essence of comfort, a holy presence and inspiration.

Divine Grace Funnels take “more” energy to create and bring in “grace presence”, which is an essence of forgiveness. This is helpful to deal with karmic situations and relationships. A grace vortex funnel would be a nice energy to have in your home, especially when dealing with stressful family and friend situations.

Is there more than one type of Vortex funnels?

There are several types of Vortex Energy funnels besides Divine or Divine Grace funnels.
However, there are 2 types of Divine or Divine Grace funnels; small or large sized funnels.
Small Vortex Funnels are localized- the height is to your room ceiling, going down directly into the earth (they can be created in multiple story apartments with extra work.) They can not be moved to a new location. You can create several small Divine Vortex funnels, one inside another. It takes about 20 small funnels to create to be similar to the energy of a large funnel. These can be created by your doorways, in your mediation spot, in your kitchen, just about any place in your home. They do not break down and stay localized.

Large Vortex Funnels- Go from the center of the Earth to beyond up through the sky. Over time they spread out and integrate into environment. The energy is always strongest near the center of where they were created. They can be over a specific area or town. However, large vortex funnels can ONLY BE MADE WHEN OR WHERE APPROPRIATE! Like small funnels can not be broke down or moved. It takes enormous amount of energy to create a large funnel. It takes tremendous work to create a large vortex funnel. I could take between 3-4 Earthworks Vortex Funnel practitioners a working in a group effort together several minutes to create a large funnel. One Vortex Earthworker practitioner can create a large funnel in over an hour with intense work. The large funnels can create change, but must be in alignment with Divine purpose.

EARTH CLEANSING “structures” that can also be added to Large Funnels for specific work; this will aid in breaking down negative energies to the environment.

Other Vortex funnels that can be created:

Weather Vortex Funnels- to rebalance the weather locally and bring life back as it would, “natural balance”. This type of Vortex Funnel takes several Earth Vortex Funnel practitioners to create. Weather Vortex Funnels will not change weather patterns if not appropriate for the area that is being worked upon.

Mini-Energizing Vortex Funnels- can be used on chakras or specific areas of the body. These are funnels of energy to stimulate the flow of energy wherever they are placed. For example; A mini-energizing vortex funnel can be directed at the gall bladder to improve digestion energy flow or the feet for circulation flow. Another example is to place a mini-energize vortex funnel in all the 7 major chakras. These mini-funnels will break down and dissipate over time, they are not permanent.

Can I create my own Divine or Grace Funnels?

One must have qualities of a powerful shakti system to be able to pull in a Divine or Divine Grace Energy funnel. Not everyone has this ability to create a Divine or Divine Grace Energy Funnel. It takes a person who has cleared out the karmic webbing clutter along with a strong energic spine area to allow enough free flowing energy to pump the needed Divine Light.
However, anyone with proper energy transmissions, karmic spine clearing, training, and diligence any one can achieve creating their own Divine or Grace Funnels. Expect to take 2-3 years of intense Vortex Healing energy work before you can create these funnels. This specific talent is taught by Ric Weinman in his Earthworks class, for more information (

If you are interested in having a Divine Vortex Funnel or Divine Grace Vortex Funnel created for you. You may contact: Rev. Patricia Anglin by email at ( or by phone (408)425-5405 (Pacific StandardTime Zone). Rev. Patricia Anglin is located in the South Bay Area of California.